Reverent Rebel Rapture

You say, listen to you
No way I'm gonna trust you to show me what's true,
but that's what you tell me to do
Fine, I guess I'll do it
I'm only a student
and after all,
I want an A plus too

So I'll read all you write
knowledge is power, right?
go study each book
Oh God, look,
I almost mistook what you saw as my own sight
well that can't be right, can it?

It's the institution solution
I love it so much
up here in the ivory tower
all out of touch
nice place you have up here
up in the pretty clouds
with so many theories of what's down below
wait... how can you know?
you never even go

I'll think for myself
just like you told me to
wait... what?

Oh God, when did rebelling get so complicated
it's like my mind is constipated
with thoughts that get so complex
that now I can't figure out how to defect
One thing's for sure, last time I checked
I can't see the world through another man's eye,
really did give it the old college try,
but even you can't try to deny
that the one thousand words you use for that picture
would be quite different than mine

I'll go out and see it all for myself
no vision submission to somebody else
I'm nobody's cog for their wheel roundabout
Oh God, I sound like that Marx guy you made me read about

Good job institution
you programmed my brain
and made sure to define your program as sane
and insane as anything that isn't the same
I guess I'm just powerless in your little game

Oh God... hmm... I say 'Oh God' a lot
and what this?
you hear it and you get distraught?
Have I finally found your kryptonite?
Because you can't explain God? try as you might?

Then now I'll declare, just to give you a scare
I believe in God!
I believe he is there!
So say what you will
Say to me there's no God
but he's listening now
with a wink and a nod

He's sayin', 'you tell them
that you're made by me
and that no one but me
can tell you how to be'
I'm out of your tower now
I am set free
to listen to God
a higher being
and now he will show me all I need to see!
God? Are you even listening! ?

by Jason Caporaletti

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