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Hummingbirds hunt heeding their relenntless thirst,
undeterred by heavy, hot, humidity.

Beautiful butterflies bounce from bloom to blossom
obtaining the nectar that sustains their lives.

My survival needs, appear to be more complicated
amid this hectic, complex world.

Still, searing stressors seemingly simper and fade
as I slide into silky, sea like water.

Each stroke satisfying the sensuality of my being
making me more and more aware of my true self.

Looking into the clear blue depths beneath me
blots out the existance of any other world.

This world is still, simple, serene and simpatico
with the inner-part of the universe.

I eventually turn onto my back and look
for what else is in tune with what I am feeling.

Cotton candy clouds comfort me
as I stare into summer's scarlet sunset sky.

Continuing my backstroke, I feel as if
the world has stood still and allowed me to feel peace.

Before long, I'm able to reemerge from my reverie;
I put on clothes, ready to face another day.

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this is nice..thanks for sharing hugs, Meggie