One night beneath a spreading elm I lay.
And looked up through her black lace negligee.
I saw the diamonds gleaming in her hair,
And heard her softly whispering her prayer.
Her feet were covered with green velvet sod--
And I knew that she was holding hands with God.

I felt alone--and wished that I might be
As intimately close to God as she.
Then suddenly, I realized how greatly I was blest,
For wasn't I reclining upon his very breast?
And while I lay in reverie, this gracious, lovely tree
Had spread a soft and shadowy black lace cover over me.
And it seemed she was whispering thoughts I already knew
God's holy love is every place--he cares for me and you.

I reached out my hand to touch her, and saw her gently nod...
And in that instant we were one--the tree, and me, and God.

by Claudine James

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