Beach Festival Of Gopalpur

Year is seventeen and month is December,
Twenty fourth to twenty eighth we remember.

Member of festival guides, joy gets sure mind,
Mind gets joy further Bay of Bengal is kind.

Wind mumbles slowly, wholly weather tells,
Holy moment glides in sea, temple ring bells.

Travelling in city bus from our City of Heart,
We have just reached Gopalpur beach is smart.

Mart is opened in beach art is displayed in cart,
Slowly, slowly walking in sand visit we start.

Welcomes us with garlands to beach pretty gate,
We see beautiful stage inside you do not do late.

Rural fair of art and craft is really going on inside,
Plural you will find for a word art, sea does guide.

Side by side from stall to stall we move in a hall,
Beach town's beach is vast, here we visit nice mall.

Thank you dear Festival Committee, thank you thank,
Thank you our Odisha Tourism for having top rank.

Thank you for such celebration district administration,
Thank you all for cooperation having joyful duration.

Motion moves in emotion days shine in sandy shore,
As much as we visit we feel for walking in sand more.

Christmas time every eve is special for such fest,
Goodbye December with love moment is the best.

Welcome New Year with peace January is guest,
Chest of sea waves more, beach fest reflects zest.

Core of heart beats in joy, here memory goes green,
Clean shore means more, mind paints nature's screen.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,06 January 2018. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (5)

Excellent poem, I liked it.10
Nice work with the muse of nature! Streaming rain.
Rode my motorcycle through Rabbit Hash, Kentucky yesterday.... Glimpsing through the trees at the great Ohio River.... Simply beautiful. This poem should be placarded there...
Descriptive on nature and it's beauty, I LIKE This.
I assume just a couple of images, short and sweet.. A very nuanced and beautifully written poem...