through out history, it has always been forlorned
through the centuries it has been forwarned
never mess with a woman scorned
payback was what i was taught, revenge was my only thought
yet, what i bargained 4 was not what i got
revenge was the only thing...on my mind
its all i could think about all of the time
what kind of misery would it bring....
to you...but karma did its voo-doo
and it striked me, not hitting you

the irony of it all, was that it was you who were supposed to fall
i was the one burned, but quickly my lesson was learned
that revenge my be sweet, but karma is a force you cannot beat
by gods good grace, and happenstance
i was the one slapped in the face, twisted circumstance
karma took revenge's place, and it was i who was disgraced
i got the rain, as you bathe in the sun
i was struck with pain and you had all the fun
you were graced, as i was defaced
karma is not a force to be reckoned with
it came and dumped a pile of bricks
big boulders, rained and poured around my shoulders
i never realized this
revenge is sweet, yet karma's a *itch

so i learned, after being burned
by both karma and you
exactly what i am going to do
yes i will have my revenge, eventually in the end
for ive now made karma my new best friend
now twisted circumstance, and awful happenstance

so now i will feel the sun, while you are poured on in rain
i will have the fun, while your are cursed with pain
you'll be degraced, and i will be able to show my face
for karma will happen to you, and you alone
and its something for which you need to atone

by krissi b'williams

Comments (5)

Excellent poem, I liked it.10
Nice work with the muse of nature! Streaming rain.
Rode my motorcycle through Rabbit Hash, Kentucky yesterday.... Glimpsing through the trees at the great Ohio River.... Simply beautiful. This poem should be placarded there...
Descriptive on nature and it's beauty, I LIKE This.
I assume just a couple of images, short and sweet.. A very nuanced and beautifully written poem...