Reverie: The Orchard On The Slope

Thin ridges of land unploughed
Along the tree-rows
Covered with long cream grasses
Brown sand between them,
Blue boughs above.


Row and row of waves ever
In the breaking;
Ever in arching and convulsed
Roll of muddy sea between;
Low clouds down-pressing
And pallid and streaming rain.

by Raymond Knister

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Comments (5)

Excellent poem, I liked it.10
Nice work with the muse of nature! Streaming rain.
Rode my motorcycle through Rabbit Hash, Kentucky yesterday.... Glimpsing through the trees at the great Ohio River.... Simply beautiful. This poem should be placarded there...
Descriptive on nature and it's beauty, I LIKE This.
I assume just a couple of images, short and sweet.. A very nuanced and beautifully written poem...