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' Recognizing 'A Moment' (A Homophone & Alliteration Poem)
Franklin J. Warren (1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

' Recognizing 'A Moment' (A Homophone & Alliteration Poem)

Homophones: Are Words, That Are Pronounced
The Same, But Spelling and Meaning Are Different

So Precious
So Pure
Such Peace
… So To Peer …

… Into This Moment
This Morning
And To Move
From My Mourning …

From A Gloom
Fueled Grate
Finally Glimmers
To Feeling Great!

And This Sight
Of Tranquil Seen
Transforms Site
To Tremendous Scene!

Of Glowing Sky
Glistening Sea
Gave Me Such
Grandeur To See …

… Thrilled My Soul
Took Time For Some
Seconds – To – Sole
Total – Timeless – Sum

From Heart-Sore
To Euphoric Here
In A Hopeful-Soar
I Humbly Hear …

… As I Write
Like A Wright
In A Rite
… So Right …

… So Precious
And Such A Pure
And Such A Peace
That Soon Perfect, Appear

Written & ©: 5/21/10

By: MoonBee

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