Reverse Genisis

On that day, the
trees will lean
gladly into the axe,
birds will have the
ability to fly through
closed windows and
somewhere in Iowa a
kid will throw stones
at the passing cars
until one stops and
he runs away.

On that day, the
sun will not move
but stay fixed
in the sky, and
every bicycle in
China will break,
halting the economy,
and a flower will
bloom for the
first time in
a hundred years.

On that day, the
wind will rage
though the sky
is clear and blue,
a ship will sink
and none survive,
and the long shadow
of a tower
will betray it.

On this day, the
dogs will howl
for joy at the
sight of all of
the dead cats,
and every oil well
will run dry but
continue to pump
in vain because
they are beheaded
snakes in the ground.

On this day, the
lonely Alaskan moose
will beller a call
that draws to it
a million moths
that mistake it
for a light,
and nothing, no
animal, human, or
seed will be born,
no new life begin.

On this day, the
last word will be
uttered from the lips
that witnessed it,
the lips that are
still moving silent-

when the last
light goes out
in the world.

by Ayn Timmerman

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