Revetted In Disbelief

From a serious point of view,
Who do you think would best represent...
The mood of the people and their concerns.
And remember...
This is your chance to influence those,
Who are not aware...
Of the firm grasp you have on their problems.
And the intentions you will undertake,
To appoint those most qualified.

I do know this,
People have grown tired of current policies.
First I would appoint,
Uh...gee...I just had the name on the tip of my tongue.
HECKEL. That's it.'

And your next two candidates would be?

'I had no idea these debates were this pressuring.
My second nominee would be...
You know what's odd?
Last night I was just reviewing their credentials too.
How embarrassing.
Jekyll and Hyde.'

I see.
And a...
Would you have happened to be watching TV,
When assessing the landscape of concerns?

'Assessing the 'who' of the 'what?
That TV was going on in the background.
But I am a very focused and dedicated individual.
With a plan I have customized for today's needs.
The people will soon know the true me.'

Thank you for your response.
Now your views on the economy.
You have the audience revetted in disbelief.
Leaving some too overwhelmed to breathe.
You are definitely on a roll.
One of the best dressed I have seen in quite some time.

'Thank you.
All of my suits are tailored.
From the best material money can buy.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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