Reviewing The Situation

I wish I could find that bottle
the one I hid under the sink.
Oh! how I could do with another little drink.
I am running short of hiding places,
my wife knows them all.I will have to review
the situation, or drill a hole in the wall.
I hid one bottle in the toilet system.
Then it flooded on the day.The dreaded
booze cost me twice as much,
because the plumber I had to pay.
Im thinking about going outside,
to find the one I left in the shed.
If I dont get there before my wife,
it will end over my head. I have hid them under
floorboards never to be found, but she is always
one in front, just like a sniffer hound.
Everywhere I hide one, she finds it straight away.
It's no wonder I am losing my hair and the rest
is turning grey. I hid one in the garden under the
compost heap, but that was one she did not find
because I buried it knee deep.Then I found the chimney
which was my best hiding place, she sneezed,
as she sniffed that one out and the soot fell,
all over her face.I have reviewed my situation,
time and time again, I have even poured
the boose straight down the drain.
I suppose one day, I will join A A.
Then I would be reviewing my situation,
and conquering the drinks infestation.

I would like to dedicate this poem to The A A
who do such brilliant work.

by sylvia spencer

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Dear Sylvia.This subject really touches on a chord with me.All of us in my family have been affected by addiction of some sort.Alcohol, smoking, drugs etc..You have written this so well as I understand from related experience how someone you really care about can change so much before your very eyes.A fine tribute to such a selfless cause.Hey guys do the right thing give them a ring.Love Duncan