Let’s go through and review what we had
How about we take a knife and slice the fragile flesh to try and forget the past
I wrote a book and the words fell off the pages
Its to hard to write when the word don’t come
It’s so hard to accept that your life is all you’ve ever “won”
I’ve never been good at math
But, I figured we all become what we hate times three
I divided my attention to add some feelings I never knew and then I subtracted the out all the hate to sum up what I've done that was actually right
You see I'm so scared of the fight
A war between being perfect and giving up
This world made me tough
So let’s review what we want
Then the words stuck to the page
I finally figured out that pain is related to rage
I gave all the money I made
Just to save face
I always talked of how I would save the world
But, all I did was become afraid
I mean I looked around me and realized I was the only one that cared
Remember when we were 16 and we played truth or dare…
I never picked truth
Truth was I wasn’t if I was ever lying
But, they caught me… they dared me to tell the truth
Let’s review what I ended up with
Scared, alone, broke, and confused
Oh, just like the rest of the world.

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