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Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

Poem By rajagopal haran

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Strolling on the street during the wee hours
Saw a girl in skimpy dress
Was she a Descent with modifications?
Opened the scriptures to note the dress codes!
Adam and Eve had no dress:
Leave alone code and bode
Forbidden apple creating the bias
Longer leaves formed the dress
Evolved into lengthy robes
Fashion parading by kings and queens
Increasing the pain of enslaved lots!
Robes turning into saris and pants!
Saris turning into mini gowns and frocks
Full pants only remained ever full!
In the biting cold sleeveless top
Betraying the skin to bones and nerves
Mini skirt proving a competition
Girl was strolling hand in hand
Another hand baring only fingers
Pants also touching the ground and dust
Pounding heart compelled to look up the face
A male was the figure shivering in cold
Referred to Darwin for postulates to help
Beneficial mutations specifically preserved!
Aiding the survival in the process Natural selection
Disadvantaged dying out referring to the male!
Is Selective mutation only in girls?
Got Darwin right as directional selection!
For males it forms disruptive selection!
Shivers of chill going through the spine
Shuddered at the thought of weeding out of males!

Seeing the blue films and exhibiting the same
Punishable anywhere a hundred years back
The previous blue viewed in Eastman color
Are available in a variety of technical colors!

Touching the girls was a criminal offence
Intimate scenes now compulsory in films!
With kissing as bonus and stripping as incentive
Unlucky Darwin born a bit earlier
Here is the proof of stabilizing selection!

Scanning the old theory of co-evolution
Analyzed facts to substantiate Darwin
Ho! This time Darwin was lucky
Serial killing! The forte of males
Killing as maniacs and killing after sex!
Lo! here come women shouldering the burden
Killing fellow women in no lesser measure!
Science being a tube light asking for more
Got a glance of a lady puffing out smoke!
Insatiable science driving me for more
Perchance glanced girls in a pub at midnight
Devouring the drums brimming up with wine!

Co-operation another postulate
My study becoming tougher and tougher
Desperately looking around
Stopped hearing a hell of a noise!
Oh! A car dashed against the pavement dwellers
Mowing down the sleeping dogs!
Curious to go near the car
Got the glimpse of a lady at the wheel
With smell of ethanol dozing off the nose
A lively proof for co-operation!

When heritable differences become more common
Evolution occurs for survival!
Adaptations only will make me live
Or extinction is the word written on the wall!


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Certainly interesting one-, and the postulates of Darwiin`s theory still hold good in all ages and eons as his enire studies cover from robesless Adam and Eves to today`s halfy manoeuvered mini -max hypothesis and he took all possible and plausible factors into consideration even by applying the theory of permutations and combinations and lastly perhaps he deciphered the code for variability of modifications with little bit smiles and might have concluded the theory --descend.->>>>>>descent ->-> with modification <-<-<-dear friend 10+ certainly, thanks for sharing
The journey of evolution taking a different perspective. Well written!
interesting piece....the way u ave drawn the relation betwen the two contexts is laudable....sorry couldn't read it earlier..bt kep sharing....u ave the craft wishes anjali
i...really like...the way you think...you the bomb...man...
def need to reread that one! ! very thought inducing....clothes never made me think so much it was a good idea to put down in words nice job