In The Middle But Slanting Towards The End

I never dreamed or thought
I would be struggling with the waist line and the bottom line
Half a century behind me
Look of frozen strained happiness sandblasted on my face

I never thought the hole caused by push and pull
Frustration, effort, lies, worry
Wraparound effort would not fill in only pulsate red and irritated

For where photographs don't reach
And show your own pitbull issues taken too seriously
Feather your hair as if in caves
And in metropolis we take our vitamins and complain about stretched impediments to the life force

You are the incarnation of not at all similar beings
Who can't prove that aging has brought us closer
But also can't prove we are further apart

Instead we roll downhill picking up speed
Cancer pothole obstacle checks the descent
This might be the point where all momentum ceases

by Raj Dronamraju

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