Only One For Me

Life wasn't the same, when you were not there
Everyone was around but I used to be solitaire
You came; along came all the happiness that set me free
Now I know what I wanted; what was missing in me....

I love you the way you are
Just give me a chance to make a start
I'll be there for you; that's how I see
All I can say, You are the only one for me....

You are miles away, still I love you this way
But I feel you are with me; in my every day
I love you with all my heart; all my sincerity
Don't know what lies ahead, togetherness or disparity....

I love you no matter wherever you are
Once we are together, we'll never be apart
My love for you is honest, that's how I see
Wanna tell this, You are the only one for me....

I wish you could ever come and see
How incomplete my life has been
I wish you could ever come and feel
What I've to offer and what I really need....

I love you even if you don't agree
Won't ever force you to be with me
Wish you get all what you love; all what you need
But I'll confess, You are the only one for me! ! !

by Rohit Sharma

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