EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)


Verse 1:
Every time I see you with her
And I see you hug and kiss her
Don't worry bout me; I'm all right
I'm just here watchin my dream die
I'm tryna move on
But under the surface it's the same old song
I'm'll tell you why I'm hurtin
Cuz I've been silent so long

I thought that you were my destiny
Now that the dream's died it's stressin me
And I do not know where to go
It's takin the life outta me
Rain clouds formin all over my soul
Where my heart used to be there's a gapin hole
It's like I'm stuck here watchin it rewind
Again and again and again

Verse 2:
You know, my friends have told me stop it
Dust off your shoulder, try to block it
But when I slick feel like I'm doin fine
There you go again; I gotta make you mine
This infatuation is unhealthy
I need to break it I know
But now I'm startnta be like Ne-yo, baby
'Why can't I turn off the radio? '

(repeat C)

I'm just sprung and crazy for you baby
I can't get you out of my head
Sprung and crazy for you baby
And I ain't got a chance
(repeat 1st three lines)
You got me baby on rewind

(repeat C 2x)

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Wow that is such a cool soon Ebone'. *Wishes she could hear it, too*
*CLAPPING* and i ditto your thoughts on wishing we could record our songs. LOVING IT! ! Oh and how we relate. Totally loving your train of thought! ! Your fellow singer! Gabriela