(01/09/1989 / Worcester, MA)

Rewind And Play...Rewind And Play

I feel like a wishing well
Deep and nearly empty
I'm taking up buckets of water
To drown myself in self pity
I want to kill happiness
I want to pop a child's balloon
And make him dropp his ice cream cone
I want to be the unsettled woman's cigarette
That leads to her lung cancer
I want to pour myself a bowl of happiness
Pour in milk
Let it sit
And throw it away
I want to be a girl's heartbreak
I want to lean in for a kiss
Pull away
And laugh
I want to throw buckets of blue and black paint
On every red and yellow painting ever
I want to apologize to every artist
And cross my fingers
I want to prepare a steak
And leave it a foot from the lions cage
Because the bucket in my wishing well
Has stopped half way
I'm choked up and bitter
Like the bucket I watch hang midway
And the water that sat in the well for so long

Or maybe I want to be loved
And give love
And plant a garden of sunflowers
Just to lay in them and say
'I never want the bucket to come up'
So I cut the rope and watch the bucket fall

I'm throwing chance like dice
And as I watch the dice roll
I see the face yelling 'Love! '
And hoping

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Comments (2)

ah, but just remember...if you do all those things it cannot be rewound...I love that you accuse 'love' of the confusion...nice work
Rude but sentimental poem, its filled with passion and truth! Yah, there is a point in one's life when we become confused, but somehow it give as the chance to weigh things over and over again like REWIND and Play... rewind and play till we get it right! Love is one's ultimate acquisition we want in this life! Great write dude, a 10.