(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Rewriting A Constitution

A beauty booted!
Those gracious skies...
Have swollen eyes,
These past few chapters lived.

A blight has come to rust a trust!
A unification of a nation tatters.
It matters.
And a rush to crush this nation,
Must be snapped back from this slow molasses trap!

Arresting this fascination that splits,
The nitwits from the misfits.
In a furthering division,
Sliding away from a unifying pride.

Don't deny your tears.
These are the lives today we live.

There is no glory,
In welcoming an accepted ignorance.
To uphold in bold cursing.
While a demise driven by the blinded...
Rehearse the unwinding of it!
In isolated sickness as if in bliss.

Rewriting a constitution...
May be the solution to divert a destitution,
Of what had been great or appreciated.
Before salivating on fantasies began!

Recreating a wheel needing healing...
Will not repair the spokes of it!
Or strengthen the folks joking,
As the cracks of its foundation widen without regard.
And taken too much for granted for too long,
For the wrong reasons!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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