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Rhue's Place
AAA ( / Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA)

Rhue's Place

Mood Indigo Blue serenades the social scene as quiet coffins sleeps,
A family like atmosphere of chatter and chuckles, from friday
through sunday...and sometimes in mid-week, meetings are held at Rhue's place. Clinking glasses of Crown Royal, Hennessy and Rum, to
smokeless cigars, and snapping suspenders...stomp on heels of
winged tipped toes in hearty good laughter, is what you'll find at Rhue's Place.
The acoustical synthesizer bounces against the wall as Anita
thrills the soul to sultry ballads round midnight. Then body in motion
tapering down to Rhapsody In Blue in deep mellow bass, while the baritone mimics the strumming guitar
into early dawn, is what you'll hear at Rhue's place.
Serenity discreetly huddles in softly lighted corners, but, in casual form A touch of class, an evening of enchantment is what you will have at Rhue's Place.
Fathers, sons, husbands, friends, distinguished guests, and visitors from out of town
pack the bar stools and crimson lighted lounge.
No ill fitted dress, nor foul language allowed,
is what you will see posted outside of the 40 Men Club. So as bodies do slumber into eternal rest off into the other
wing...is what you will view in a very fine, quaint
establishment when you come down to Rhue's Place.

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