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.rhyme Is A Crime

Since rhyming and rhythm are terribly boring
They must now be barred from all musical scoring;
Those poets employing these rhythms and rhymes
Should pay with their lives for committing such crimes!

Some nut must have thought that by using good meter
A poem with tempo would sound so much sweeter;
With stresses or accents to make the verse flow,
It's just a fine way to put on a good show!

The best of all verses, as anyone knows,
Are big healthy portions of random-thought prose;
Without rhyme or rhythm to get in ones head
It's easy to know what the poet has said!

Let no one accuse me of tactics archaic,
I will not use dactyls or meters trochaic,
My poetry will not include anapests
Nor metrical footage that needs scansion tests!

Who cares about Blank Verse, Heroic or Free?
No iambic stanzas from me will you see!
Just give me some time and, perhaps, inspiration
And I will become a poetic sensation!

by Bridgid Patrick

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Don't worry. It's only a misdemeanor! Justice is blind and you didn't write in braille. Cheers! Chuck
My friend you are one fine criminal! Excellent composition.
i read it till the last line. without falling asleep, and its not that i had red bull. you are terribly good! ! :) we need more poets like you.
You said it in rhythm, you said it in rhyme You've said what I thought for a very long time You said it so well, and you said it with humour Poems which rhythm and rhyme are passe, not true, it's just a vicious rumour
I've had the same battle in my head many times, but never found such words - or rhymes! - to express this. Excellent work. Paul.
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