Bird-watching colonels on the old sea wall,
Down here at Dawlish where the slow trains crawl:
Low tide lifting, on a shingle shore,
Long-sunk islands from the sea once more:
Red cliffs rising where the wet sands run,
Gulls reflecting in the sharp spring sun;
Pink-washed plaster by a sheltered patch,
Ilex shadows upon velvet thatch:
What interiors those names suggest!
Queen of lodgings in the warm south-west….

by John Betjeman

Comments (3)

owo! I like this poem very much.
Profound philosophical piece of poetry, elegantly encapsulated with rendition of words to utmost justice. A very powerful piece bristling with wisdom. Thanks for sharing Sagar.
The whimsical life is beautifully expressed though a poem of just a few words Beautiful