Sleepy Sun Beggar Eyes

Some beggars
    Some are beggars of extinction
    You were fired twice from heaven beggar
    End of life is the life of the beggar
    Sleepy sun beggar eyes

    She would wait with her ash-colored hair
    Coins on a dirty handkerchief
    Crumpled paper coins
    Most coins

    At the base of the castle, in front of the mosque
    In certain places
    Happy and Unhappy
    He waited for rich and poor people.
    For a few money
    Two cliff lips

    Sack of class society
    He was patient with patience
    Regardless of the illusions of life
    Clouds waiting for the mountains
    People who waited

    Never went to the cinema
    The newspaper did not know what
    The house was in the streets.
    As a pirate
    He went through the trash cans.

    In the world of winners and losers
    Without knowing.
    Yesterday is the same today
    The nail once entered the blackboard
    Beggar on a curve nail,
    How the world shook

    She wasn't leaving her eyes.
    Toasted bread
    Street street hope

    He used to look like old wine
    Too late to save
    Very early in the hot
    Sleepy sun beggar eyes

    October 24,1981

by Bulent Karaalioglu

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Your groupies all love it; I'm mentioned by name; I'll never rise above it, This moment of fame...
I love this. Excellent. C
I was just kidding, hence the ' ;) ' wink.
Sandra I paused once (where?) to check my bated breath (actually baited here) for when the Master drops in with his verdict. It reminds me of Oh Lord will you buy me a Merc...., don't ask ME why. H
Absolutely excellent, only paused once ;) . Anyway, pointed and a great read.
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