(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Fields Of Soria

Hills of silver plate,
grey heights, dark red rocks
through which the Duero bends
its crossbow arc
round Soria, shadowed oaks,
stone dry-lands, naked mountains,
white roads and river poplars,
twilights of Soria, warlike and mystical,
today I feel, for you,
in my hearts depths, sadness,
sadness of love! Fields of Soria,
where it seems the stones have dreams,
you go with me! Hills of silver plate,
grey heights, dark red rocks.

by Antonio Machado

Comments (6)

Your groupies all love it; I'm mentioned by name; I'll never rise above it, This moment of fame...
I love this. Excellent. C
I was just kidding, hence the ' ;) ' wink.
Sandra I paused once (where?) to check my bated breath (actually baited here) for when the Master drops in with his verdict. It reminds me of Oh Lord will you buy me a Merc...., don't ask ME why. H
Absolutely excellent, only paused once ;) . Anyway, pointed and a great read.
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