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Rhyme Or Reason?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Rhyme Or Reason?

Oh, where is my shepherd
when I need some advice
on the words of a poem
'bout fire and ice.
I don't want to delet it,
as it may not be shit,
all my doubt, to defeat it
I require your wit.
Well, I AM only kidding,
just felt need to write
and must do my own bidding
in this 'round the world flight.
I agree that we have here
many poets of note,
they provide entertainment
and enjoyment and sheer
understanding of others
and of our own selves,
how we leave our mothers
and feel drawn to small elves.
So, I got your attention
by appealing in slyness,
any honourable mention
it is hoped that your Highness
will keep writing opinions
always praise before scolding
and remember us minions,
with our talent unfolding.
We may need a smart preacher
who with small stick and carrot
could become our teacher.
So we will write things of merit.

Now, dear Michael believe me
what I say here to you
it is not to deceive me
nor put blindfolds on YOU,
not intended to flatter
or to sweeten the lime,
but the practicing patter
of me looking for rhyme
not for reason at that
but for words that are cousins
had an uncle who shat
them all out by the dozen.
So, I must close this poem
lest you say it's too long
and it takes one to know 'em
Crikey, here is the gong.

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Comments (6)

Your groupies all love it; I'm mentioned by name; I'll never rise above it, This moment of fame...
I love this. Excellent. C
I was just kidding, hence the ' ;) ' wink.
Sandra I paused once (where?) to check my bated breath (actually baited here) for when the Master drops in with his verdict. It reminds me of Oh Lord will you buy me a Merc...., don't ask ME why. H
Absolutely excellent, only paused once ;) . Anyway, pointed and a great read.
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