Poem Hunter
(16 August 1920 – 9 March 1994 / Andernach)


Feelings mix, don't come out right.
People tend to misunderstand,
then, in the end it comes back to bite.
You fall, nobody gives you a hand.

When you fall down,
nobody cares.
In your own tears, you drown.
Feelings of doubt all through the air.

Life just isn't worth living,
please, make it stop now!
People these days are so unforgiving,
I've gone through more pain than I should allow.

Why do I live this,
It never works out
Do I not deserve any bliss,
I scream and I shout.

Leave me alone,
But Never Come Back
battered and wind blown,
I have finally cracked

Under the pressure, you don't understand
all of my life, is now in your hands.

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dear David (box below) , thanks for the full poem! :)
LOL! I can see him sitting down in front of his typewriter, a weary expression on his face. He still had the image of the man in his mind, probably the 1001st to ask him 'But where's the rhyme? ' And then he wrote the first line.
thanks for the full poem, david. pretty cool answer to all those roses-are-red people who think poems must rhyme etc
Here is the full poem. rhyming poem: the goldfish sing all night with guitars, and the whores go down with the stars, the whores go down with the stars I'm sorry, sir, we close at 4: 30, besides yr mother's neck is dirty, and the whores go down with the etc., the whrs. go dn. with the etc. I'm sorry jack you can't come back, I've fallen in love with another sap, 3/4 Italian and 1/2 Jap, and the whores go the whores go etc.