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Rhythm Of The Night
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Rhythm Of The Night

My dance finds me here,
My feet, are this beauty that floats on air.
I sway to the music.
My feet find a way to me.
I am dancing.

I find a cautious me waiting in the wings.
The final song, sits unknown.
In air that rises from the dance floor.
I am a solitary soul,
On this wooden floor,
Where the music carries me, to places only I know.

I choose to dance,
And move in harmony with the rhythm of my beating heart.
I know of no place I would rather go,
Than to this, a rapturous dance, in moonlight.

I am the child in play,
The artist with creation,
Pulsing, sharing a new life.
This is I, the life.

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