(March 8,1988 / Evanston, Illinos)

Rhythym Steadily Flows

Plaguing thoughts have found my mind,
Tormenting me away from the dream.
Breed within the loophole you would find,
Within the terrible pain of each scream.

Thoughts are in unstable conditions,
Possible to taint the relief of joy.
Despite the gift to see the visions,
Of how the virus will easily destroy.

Release the adrenaline inside,
To find the bird soaring within.
The geneitcs of science you have defied,
Placing you on the side able to win.

Pose yourself for a moment to see,
When the time comes to remember.
For you need to know how to set free,
The wings inside time chose to dismember.

Still soaring above the world I occupy,
Glancing down at the past I cherish.
For it shall remain a sin to tell a lie,
When life could possibly perish.

Watch the security you shall keep,
From when a moment felt great.
For time shall find tears for you to weep,
With only you to chose how they facilitate.

Listen to the words you hear around,
The case your mind shall hold.
Eventually the answer shall be found,
With you to watch the knowledge unfold.

After all the words that were said,
Time still finds more to show.
Until the day I'm finally dead,
Let the rhythym within steadily flow.

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