('90 / America)

Ria's Pool

Ria lies beside a pool that catches heaven’s stars
And gazes at the pinpoint lights with dreamy eyes.
The dark green grass is pointing at the upper skies
But Ria gazes at the flat face of the pool.

The stars are silent high above, waiting for Ria.
But she is not looking at them. She only sees
The stars reflected. The cool night breeze
Tries to turn her gaze up. She resists.

The stars in the pool are lovely, indeed.
But the stars in the sky are much more bright.
But Ria is lost in the pool’s false light.
She cannot see the truth. She is blind.

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Sophia, interesting poem, I suppose a lot of us prefer to blind ourselves from the truth even though it's (star) ing us right in the eyes. Brian