Soul Cries

My soul cries its tears, without any eyes.
My heart feels pain, but nobody dies.
My legs feel week, but I haven't moved.
I say I understand, but I am so confused.
You say that you care, but I can't see you.
You say you miss me, but is what you say true?
A part of me believes, despite of what they say.
A part of me is not sure, on those bad days.
I know I hurt you, and you have hurt me.
My hope has no veins, but when you do it bleeds.
But whether the sky is sunny, or when the sky is gray.
I know deep in my heart, we will be together some day.
I always make you smile, but you don't stay with me.
You make me smile too, that's what I want you to see.
Unlike my soul, I do have eyes.
My heart feels pain, and that's why I cry.
But to say that I don't, see the truth not the lies.
I love you soo much, that's why my soul cries.


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