Running, Falling, Crying

You say you love me, and want me back,
you say u hurt me, and cut my back.
But i dont care, i still love you now,
and i told you never to ever frown.
My heart cannot last, this feeling of remorse,
my heart still calls your name.
But yet you refuse me everlast.
Why do you do so to me?
Casting me to the shadows,
like im some ungreatful rat.
Yet peering all around,
with a metal baseball bat.
Yes you may have hurt my heart,
yes you may have made me cry,
but dont you see? ?
i still need you inside.
Scrampling around, trying to find the light,
cause deep in my heart, at least something feels right.
But when i find the light of dawn,
back in the shadows, you cast
'Begon! '.
I still love you, and i still call.
But its as if you reject Everycall.
Why does my heart call to you? ?
Why cant i just let go? ?
I guess ill just never know how to go,
re-make my life and find Mr.Right.
Yet deep inside ill still cry,
'I will never let you go'....

by Darlene Belcher

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