Rich Wind

Poem By Konjit Berhane

The rich wind with golden dust
Has been going wild and fast
As if it has a life that’ll forever last

The rich wind
With its sound so loud
To scare people or make them sad
But living is not so easy as I had
Never been scared by rich wild wind
Or by the redness of blood
Or would I ever have?

Comments about Rich Wind

I wish steal few lines from this poem to keep in my loving memories
I can see nice wind of feelings from your poem.Very sweet and good flow. I liked it.I got nice imagery in it.
simple yet effective
You know, I like the mood and the feel ofthis one...maybe not very poetically analytical words but that's just the way I read :) I think you could give it a little more impact though if you chose some stronger verbs to carry your imagery and the last line had me a bit confused. Did you mean..or would I ever be? ?

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3,9 out of 5
5 total ratings

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