A Beggar Maid's Breakdown In The Life Cycle

This beguile strange woman in her forties and I am sorry that I have heard forties are the naughtiest.
She begs not charity and she has enough money.
Even though the solitude and suffering.
The precious money could help her to replace solace?
Under the burning Sun and freezing Moon
Still she needs the warmth.
Only an honest human blanket could minimize her nauseous feelings.
Where do they find this pedigree?
She seeks a pure bred Man in her sojourn
And still she struggles to find the needle in a haystack.

by nimal dunuhinga

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I really like this poem it really says it all, money is not everything, oftentimes, we lose sight, we chase money thinking that it'll makes us happy, its just the opposite thanks for writing this Tina.... (I printed this out, and place it next to my computer, always to remind me of the simple things in life)