A Date In Cyberspace

would a date in cyberspace
acceptable to you? my body is taken,
but my heart is still in the power
of my hands, and it is beating
like a ball of fire, the sun, shining
with its rays, prepared to hold
anything that is cold and weary
and lovely still to behold.

are you one of those colder planets
out there waiting for the warmth
of my distant heat?

let me caress your face
let my rays run like thai massage
to your weary flesh
let me kiss you lips
let me in on a hot noon day
affair on valentine's day

take my light to your room
let me see your naked body
let me feel it like i am all light

let me see you spin in happiness
let me see you as a heavy cloud about to pour your rain
let me see you as a dry soil absorbing all rain
and bathing in all my sunshine

let me hear you moan tonight in cyber space
let there be twinkling stars let there be the most silent moon
gentle to our secrets like a mother seeing his son happy with his toy


Comments (97)

I like this poem so much, a day can not go by that I will not read it. in one word my favorite
I like this poem so much, that I like to go through it everyday
This is the poem I told you about
My mothers favorite poem.
This shows that all that is glitter is not gold, someone we envy may be dying inside without anyone knowing. It got to show that appearance can be deceptive.
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