Richer Be The Man

To the mirror I shall take myself
To the mirror the pressures will die
As I see into the flame inside me
And I feel the truth in my eye

Richer be the man not with gold in his pocket
But with freedom in his mind
For a man with gold might be quite bold
as to buy what he cannot afford
But the free est of minds with vigor and Pride
Can live on their own accord

For the bend at the end of the road that you mend
might straighten out in the end if you try
But the money you reap while losing all sleep
Will never buy back your life when you die

For what we call living is more than just giving
up all of your hopes and your dreams
For being free is so precious to me that
I'd turn down your money in streams

All your stealing and wheeling and two-timing dealing
Won't pay of your debts at the end
But nothing so sweet that'll lift up your feet
Like the love of a good hearted friend

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

Comments (3)

wisely written.... words to live by
Wise words. very well written! Preets
Content excellent. -T. Bell