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Richie Kavanagh

From Fennagh in County Carlow a talented and funny man
His hilarious songs will surely outlive his lifetime span
The amazing Richie Kavanagh people like him are so rare
His gifts of joy and laughter with others he does share

Not the usual sort of singer though in the Worldwide web famed and known
One can say of the amazing Richie he is in a class of his own
Such a funny likable character his kind not often seen
True genius lives for decades and remain as evergreen

Richie Kavanagh's health has not been good as has been reported of late
One can only hope he soon grows better in his songs such joy he does create
The world needs people like him where they are laughter does abound
The joy that does live in them they like to share around

Through the medium of the Worldwide web he enjoys a Worldwide fame
As a singer of his own original funny songs he has climbed the hill of fame
Of joy and laughter in the World his kind does plant the seed
Of more people like Richie Kavanagh humanity is in need.

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