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'Oh' Ricky what's your new year resolution
It's been so long since you have worked for pay?
Don't mention work to me today of all days
I need some rest and peace on New Year's day.

I'm forty five it's four years I remember
Since factory I worked in closed their door
'Twas said they would re-open after six months
But this closure 'twould seem forever more.

I'll not be making new year resolutions
For workers many and jobs far too few
When I apply for work the bosses tell me
We need a younger fitter man than you.

And Ricky did you have a happy Christmas?
On Christmas eve I was drunk going to bed
And on Christmas morning I felt nauseated
And had this fuzzy feeling in the head.

But I did quite enjoy my Christmas dinner
A cooked chicken I bought at the super store
I finished off the chicken in one sitting
And I felt so full could not have eaten more.

And do you see a better future Ricky?
I'm happy with my lot in life he said
I do not even think about tomorrow
For who would even know what lay ahead.

He won't be making New Year resolutions
A contented man his type of person rare
I'm happy with my lot in life says Ricky
'In fact he doesn't seem to have a care'.

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