Rider In The Wind

My knight in shining armor, the excitement of my dreams,
fulfilling all my fantasies, plotting all my schemes.
Through all the good and bad times, on you I can depend.
You swept into my life, my love, my rider in the wind.

How many countless hours I watched you chase the skies,
the sunset in the distance, that sparkle in your eyes.
Your silhouetted figure against the setting sun,
the hours I have spent with you, I've not regretted one.

For lonely are the moments that I've not spent with you
and wasted are the minutes when under skies of blue,
you're not out chasing rainbows with your audience of one,
Living for the moment as you race across the sun.

To see you in the distance, your principals defend,
Loving every second, my rider in the wind.

by Christine K. Trease

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