My Dream Girl

The girl of my dreams
Oh, the girl of my dreams
comes wandering trough the night,
she walking, almost flying
Absorbing every fight.

People stand still
Watching her as she goes by,
her individuality pierce every man
oh, she makes me fly.

The wind whispers her name
it whispers about the joy she bring,
Could she be real
she fully manage every string.

The one who accept me as
what I am,
trust prevails
love pervades
admire my self
and no place of humiliation

This feel in my stomach
in my ear the sound of peal,
I pinch my arm once again
am I dreaming or is this real

Finally I wake up
the girl of my dream in my sight,
she is laying right beside me
sleeping without a fright.

by Mahfooz Ali

Comments (1)

very good...very much like i style of a david madge i know..coincidence... well written....