IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


It makes me frankly furious
when people say there’s none of us
We’re not extinct as you have heard.
Though no one has seen a dodo bird

for a century or maybe more.
We are not stupid as before
We had to teach ourselves to hide
lest we be roast or broiled or fried.

Although we’d lost the power of flight
we did not think men had the right.
To see us as an easy meal
and that’s the way all Dodos feel.

Today we hide ourselves away
and sleep through out the light of day
We forage for our food by night
it seems that we have got it right.

We’re not extinct it’s just not true.
No matter what you have been taught
when you were young and still at school.
A dodo is nobodies fool.


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Comments (4)

Oh Ivor, perhaps you might like to go on a Snipe hunt sometime? I understand Dodos and Snipe like to congregate in the same sort of environs. You can even have the honor of holding the sack open while we herd them toward you...
I shall be out there looking for them now Ivor. My torch and wellies to the fore. Do they bite? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? /
And do, do you think we may learn from our mistakes before it is too late. Perhaps you do, do you not hope we may find what dodo's got? Great Poem Ivor!
Hey, this is great. Hot off the press too - szzzz ah!