AR (October 11,1969 / New York)

Riding Life's Tides

In life's tide I dive
to drown the melancholy inside
In this inquisitive abode
where my soul currently resides
With a need to comprehend the purpose
of these encounters I've endured
On this planetary surface
Where it seems chaos seldom cease
lost despondent souls perpetually nourish
the belly of the beast
So I fall to my knees
Importuning the Divine Source for peace
I feel the solace is mandatory
It's what I believe
More Love and Solitude is what's in need
In life's tide I swim
emerging renewed ready to persevere again
encouraged by the voice within
assuring me that I will win
Relinquishing the anguish of my past
Aware that sorrow does not last
For change comes with each day that pass
In life's tide I play
with gratitude for each new day
I pray for endurance to accept
Come what may
So I advice that you keep holding on
trust you'll make it through your storms
Even during the times that you feel
You've had enough
Rely on your inner power
and don't ever give up!

by Aamiinah Rutledge

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