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Riff In C Sharp Minor
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Riff In C Sharp Minor

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Go with the flow, Joe!
Slide with the tide, Clyde!

Advice given but not taken
forgetting illusion's mambo
& thinking, 'this is Real! '

Calderon was close.
Life is a dream exploding
fireworks feel so concrete
how could this not be
'The Only Life That Is? ? ? '

Radio tuned late 20th century:
Pearl jammin' w/ MTV stereo feed
comin' in loud
Eddie muscling his way
thru every tune
baritone rasping...

It couldn't be important
like th'evening news
or a hangnail.
Banal speculation run rampant:
who died? ?

It's so sad to lose at any game
but especially this one
where stakes are full
of splinters & flecks
of lead based paint
tumbling slow motion
thru shafts of sunlight...

makes you want to wear a mask
so you don't breathe
All That Shit
preferring the comfortable
ignorance of dark ages
when you held me
rocked me
thru quiet nights

Gulf shores filled
with red tide
eating oxygen
making beach a desert...

So Much Sand! !

& salt & not a drop
to drink seashells
filled to the brim
with a scent
of our passion

in tangles of algae,
geometry cannot equate
the gentle pressure of your lips...

(Copyright Hugh Cobb, June 1991)

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i was scanning for something new, but found this delight - i was drawn to read it with a jazz beat, being that the beginning introduced a musical element and that voice carried me to the end. i see it's an older piece of yours. you show your skill and experience carrying through right to your recent offerings. glad to read some classic Cobb.
absolutely lovely................