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JS (08/25/1972 / Washington, D.C.)


Poem By Jason Stutz

</>After all you have read (Rumi, Gurdjieff, Jesus)
you don’t now wish to rise above
the “right and wrong” way of thinking?

Millions of people, maybe half the world, my friend
are at war against other men;
against causes that mirror themselves hatefully.

Will you be the judge for each of them
while you fight any war but your own?

These men are dying
dying! ! !
each of them has one life
and this terrible, tragic fire
devours their good causes;

Their heart’s tenderness (stabbed
as their brother was shot
or as their best friend went down)
is what Evil greedily preyed upon
to wrile them toward this violent banter.

What? Would you save each of them
with hot words offered to the side you care for the most?

It is tragic
perhaps most of all for the persecutors
but we can not see beyond this world to prove that yet (but for
priceless moments piercing the beyond
when we are shown first what the actions of other men amount to
and then how those actions take place in ourselves) .

What will all of this amount to
to the individuals at play
and to our world,

the world that the Earth
with her joyous vision
creates and then feeds upon
for right
or for wrong?

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