JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Right And Then Some

there is a new kind of pride in me
it makes me feel like crying
out of sadness or joy, I can't be sure
but I found out that there's no cure

when I stand up for you
I stand up for so many more than just you
I call out to the world, telling them
that what you are
is right and then some

there is a new kind of shame in me
it makes me feel safely cold
hearing the rain hit my umbrella
shivering, but dry
it makes me want to cry
from defeat or triumph, I'll never know
but I have so much love to show

I'm proud of you
and I hope you are aware of that
but it's such an insignificant fact
that I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't

sometimes I worry about you
and whether or not you'll be happy
but I also worry about me
and whether or not I'll let go of you
besides, I always worry about us
and whether or not we'll make it

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nice penning.....sometimes there r so many questions and whether or nots...