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Right Here
ST Sierra Tracey (May 7 / RoCc CiTy, NY)

Right Here

Boy i love you, i really do
Mixed emotions, damn its crazy but its true
Smiles from my lips to the tears put in my eyes
It dont matta cuz i just want you to be mine
The love that we make and the times we share
I couldnt picture life without you cuz it wouldnt be fair
Fightin one day and laughin the next
Thats how we is but only for the best
Look me in my eyes and tell me how you feel
So whats inbetween us will become real
My love for you, cant no gurl compare
Cuz what i had to go through they couldnt bare
Yeah i can be stingy or maybe even selfish
But i dont want no one to get what i have, only wish
Unexplainable feelins are runnin through my mind
Cuz what im tryin to get is takin too much time
Hold me in your arms and whisper good things in my ear
So you can take away every last one of my fears
Reach out, grab my hand and stop lookin around
The person you need has already been found

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