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One, Two, Three, Four.
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

One, Two, Three, Four.

Poem By Sarai Girma

And i just keep it in my heart,
when i pass you by, i keep my tears.
I know it since we've been apart,
and it grew to increase all my fears.
I pass you by and i keep the pain,
hoping that i don't look back, i won't look back.
Some times you smile and it's insane,
you're never sane and insanity is the title track.
Don't ask me how i've been,
have mercy in your heart and keep your laughter.
Keep it in that winding emptyness within,
say goodbye, then survive perfectly right after.
Don't look my way or in my place,
don't hold my with your eyes, it's over.
And don't fake the sadness on your face,
i knew you're heartless and i got sauber.
Fearing to pass you by,
but what if i ran into you.
Some times i fear till i die,
and i fear your eyes, it's true.
As you don't even care,
yes, you don't, so, just let me go.
Vanish if you ever found me there,
don't think that you're missing us so.
I've been just fine since we left each other,
are you satisfied? i think you don't have to stay.
You don't have to say sorry, don't bother,
if we ever ran into each other,
surely, you have the right of way...

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Good job, I liked this a lot. Gave it a 9!