Right To Prevail

Life is full of tricky situations
At times one has to have reverberations
But one should just be on right
Even if one has to fight
With himself and around
But still one is to bound
To be bold and to be rude
To overcome all vicissitude
One should learn this by heart
On the peril of life, not to depart
Right is always to prevail
With its graces it never fail
Do not overlook oversight
It's always good to be on right

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2013 (GOLDEN GLOW)

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

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This is such a great message you have written into a poem, and so true! Always do what is right and you can never go wrong! Be bold, stand up for yourself, always fight for what is right! I totally agree with you on this! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn