Righteous Anger

Dark days are coming, to this sinful kingdom.
A hope for the innocent, is to be clear of destruction.
For humans have established, a corrupted system.
In their phase of justice, the innocent is condemned.
Men cannot foresee, their sinful deeds.
For want of power, and excessive greed.
Their ways and motives, will leave desolate.
This planet earth, that the master create.
Of heart and mind, they will not rectify.
This damage they've done, and the God they deny.
If we could turn, from our unholy doings.
We might be saved, from this inevitable ruin.
Unlikely to change, their ignorance and hate.
Humans have learned, to obliterate.
The time is approaching, when the wicked will be.
Ash and stubble, for the righteous to see.
The last thing to know, is the trumpets that sound.
For the coming from heaven, of the Righteous One.

by Dennis Gobin

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