IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Righteous Attitude For Friend Thad

Righteous Attitude

The hunter rose before the dawn to watch the new day being born.
He raises prayers to Manitou as his wise father taught him to.
This brave though young is known to be a man who hunts successfully
To creatures he must kill for food he shows a reverent attitude.
When they fall victim to his bow he thanks their spirits as they go
back to the source from whence they came he knows each creature by its name.
He thanks them for their sacrifice, because he knows that success lies in following the ancient laws. Which the Great Spirit will enforce.
He has absorbed all he was taught, he kills for food but not for sport.
He sings his praise to Manitou because he knows that thanks are due. When the Great Spirit shows the way which leads him to his lawful prey.
Some days he hunts without success but still finds the will to bless
the sacred name of Manitou the way successful hunters do.
He’ll rise again tomorrow morn before the coming of the dawn
and to the Manitou he’ll pray he has a more successful day.


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I thank you Ivor for this wonderful poem you have written, an honor indeed! *10* Best to you always! Friend Thad