Righteous Block!

With all my soul, I know in truth, a poem's on its way!
I've waited here to show the proof and I'll wait here all day!
No tea for me, no slice of cake! I'll starve till it gets done!
Yes, pretty soon, the clouds will break to share the golden sun!
Send light, o Lord, I've got my pen! The paper's here as well!
Though now it's all beyond my ken, I've got a tale to tell!
It's up to You! Just send it down! Some whimsy to amuse...
Some prose that's meant to ease a frown. Some doggerel if You choose.
'Pretty please! ' Oh, won't You tell me? I'm all ears... time to talk!
Nope, there's nothing much on telly! No need to sit and gawk!
I'm trying to be patient 'cos You're busy all the time...
Oh, go on... pleeeeze.... Believe me, Boss... I'm ready for a rhyme!
Some blessing that can be outpoured like wine straight from a cask!
A teeny weeny poem, Lord! Is that too much to ask?
You write much better than I do! I'm not in Your league yet!
Most times I haven't got a clue... You're really my best bet!
My, my, that hour sure went slow! I've tapped my fingers out!
I'm feeling lonely here below! What's Your poem about! ?
Don't hold it back! Just let it fly! Feel free to step on in...
These silences sure make me sigh! Sometimes I just can't WIN! !

by Denis Martindale

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