IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Rightful Owners.

Rightful owners.

I was the first born of the first born race.
The chosen ones that knew not sin or shame
before the spawn of Adam stole our place
They spread the evil but we got the blame.

When we fed on the juice of plants, not men
and lived as one in peace and brother hood
but Adams breed usurped our place and then
harassed we had to change to drinking blood.

We had to flee into the wilderness
adapt to hunting for our prey by night
We who had know nothing but gentleness,
my race resolved that we must fight.

Adapted and evolved now we must prey
on those who drove us from our rightful lands
and thus the vampire are seen to day
as evil creatures who men’s blood demand.

We are not evil merely strive to
live as men should do in brotherhood.
Each vampire shares what he has to give
with other vampires and know this is good.

Vampires do not other vampires kill
we have no wars of pride to glory gain
but foolish men do and always will.
They glory in inflicting hurt and pain.

It seems they have forgotten us.
We are dismissed as old wives tales
old stories from the crypts and charnel house.
How very sweet to us to hear their wails.

They will destroy themselves in course of time
as we vampires look on happily
The turning wheel of fate is sublime
poetic justice is an irony

So few of us vampires are left to note their passing,
though none of us will regret I
It Our nobility will not let us gloat
we will live to see the new era dawn yet.

The scattered remnants of our noble race
the bearers of the purest royal blood
will congregate together in one place
and every vampire will be understood

To be inheritors of what was ours
before the curse of humanity appeared
we fed on the juice from trees and flowers
and now that, that foul curse has disappeared

We can revert to our natural state
the original race the chosen ones
Who peace and love can well appreciate
the fertile earth will swallow mankind’s bones.

We are the fruit of all creation
who can and will abide in lasting peace.
Mankind a fleeting aberration
from whom the earth has gained blessed release.

Be proud and true my children one and all
Although we must still in the shadows hide
We will see at first hand mankind’s fall
a self inflicted form of genocide.

The we vampires will take our rightful place
the weary world will know peace once again
When it has got rid of the human race
a failed experiment that went insane.

April 04

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