Standing on one corner of a big field
With a microphone in hand,
The strangers are addressing with a compassionate voice
My dear grasses-
We have been observing for times-
People are reluctantly going over you,
Cattles are eating you at random
People are cutting while you grow.
It is nothing but a crude violence, unbearable.
As because you are dumb, no power to resist
-will they disturb your existence?

The sound of micro phone is spread in every corner of the field.
The grasses were wondering on the strangers-
-dressed with green trouser, green shirt and green cap!
At last, one grass benignly replied them-
Oh my compassionate brothers, we are confused, afraid!
We have taken birth as grass, having only few leaves,
Neither nice flower nor good fruit, how to serve?
Soil remains a bit cool with our leaves.
Cattle are using us as food stuff,
People feel pleasure on keeping their feet on us.
Only this much,
No, no, never, any one has hurt us
We are everywhere in this earth!


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