Poem: 'solitary Soldier'

- 9. May.2006 -

Rapid shots fired straight for the heart
I can see they slowly rip him apart
Though he holds his head high, covering all of his fears
The loud, booming sounds resonate in his ears
He stands as high as he can hold himself
But it’s obvious he’s scared
He’s fighting for the world he knows,
But no one even knows he’s there.
If you looked into his empty eyes
You’d see remnants of all the tears he’s cried
When no one ever saw.
This true hero, this solitary soldier
The world owes him so much more
This true hero is not the one who goes off to war,
The one who stands proud and tall
His bravery doesn’t even come with reward
No, because his battle never ends…
This true hero is the bullied child,
Dragging himself to school when his heart’s already dead.

by Rachel Ann Clark

Comments (3)

I know a young poet I'm sending this to, Michael. Very well said. Raynette
Ripened seeds of Wisdom, Michael...It seems no one wants to stop and savor the fruit....Just keep on push, push, pushin along....then we feel the thirst, but when we go back for the fruit...' Tis all spoiled.I'm in Marketing/Advertising and the mantra to go is: You're only as good as your last sale...(forget your yesterday success) My mantra gives the up-shots shivers...'If your last sale is good, then, hell, lets share the whole damn story with the sales team today so we can all go out tomorrow, and bring back business.Fine Penning Michael. '''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK
I do believe that. Really interesting poem. Anjana