Ring Around The Rosy

Another impermanence for the early tomb:
Nothing else to do,
But to see you as you lay for him,
A near perfect psalm,
He absentmindedly hums as he goes
Down to work in your mines:
The greedy man,
And you a bright fairy excavated from the earlier time:
Not even knowing who you are,
But liking the reverberations
Of minerals in your hidden cleft:
If I came to you while he was off
Buying supplies in the boom-town
Of ghostly providences,
Could we say that given a chance,
I would do better work:
Keeping the pitch until there in
The sky floated the masks of unborn children,
The subtle doom of the Hollywood starlet:
Let us read the lines together,
And smile in the week’s knowing glance,
And without a second thought
I will submerge and begin the
Underwater welding:
On the continental ridge the earthquake starts,
Which shivers the city of your lips-
Pulling back the fauna,
The miniature opal glade where
The marble fawns lay:
The hymns better known to grandmothers
In the awakened youths-
The spot of light glossy with
My tongues rhyme,
The conceptual make-belief,
And the familiar nursery rhyme
I can give to you,
And you swim outside the rented windows
In the twilight hours
Precluding the early conceptions.

by Robert Rorabeck

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