Ring O Ring You Are A Special Thing

The word ring is a very special thing
It makes us think of everything

It tells everybody to be on time
as you hear the alarm clock ring

It reminds you of almighty
as you hear the church bell ring

It brings a smile on your face
as you hear the wedding bells ring

It brings a grin on your face
as you hear your wife ask for an expensive ring

It makes you feel the best
as you are gifted a daimond ring

It makes us all laugh and laugh
as we look at the clown in the circus ring

It makes you anxious to know who is on the line
as you hear your telephone ring

It alerts the children to be in class
as they hear their school bell ring

It makes the men think twice and wise
as they look at their finger ring

It urges the scientists to know more and more
as the solar eclipse forms the ultimate ring

Guess who gave India its olympic medal
last but not the least the boxing ring

Ring o Ring your are really a special thing


by kalyanisastry tadepally

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What about ring in and ring out on the birth of a new year.....nice thought and interesting poem
This is very nice and a good rhyming one.Well done keep it. awaitng for more poems.