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Little creature, little creature
You sing to me a sad song when
Cold tries the toughness of my skin
You too you try
My skin with your long proboscis

On a mission to feed you come
So you steal blood while I sleep
But your siren plays the drum of my ear
Making my dream short, so I wake

You little creature, flying
Like floating on the wind
Perching, then sucking
Why make me clap for you
When harm you have done
To my soft and silky skin

Tiny creature, tiny creature
Why not feed and do no harm
To this blood you love to suck
Each night you fly to my tent
With your battalion, I to bite

Your tiny legs and little wings
Carry you to my uncovered body
And there you sit like a king
Having your dinner at dark
While I sleep and snore

O' I remember how you may have got in-
I may have not cut the bushes
I may have left stagnant waters
I may have left my tent open
Or slept uncovered, without a net
O incredible creature, your visits do me no good.

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Nice writing Jane
Very moving and deceptively simple looking - the sign of skill. Great work. jim
Sentiments well-described Jane in this piece. write more. Regards.
Hi Jane, Such a touchy moment and how nicely u managed to convey ur feeling to readers! Words in the lexicon r not sufficient to congratulate ur style! In the Vastness of space and immensity of time ur words will survive for ever! U have immense latent tallent, express out, write more for us! Ratneswar Brahmachari ratneswarbrahmachari@yahoo.com
Wonderful sentiment here Jane, you have conveyed the unity that two people can share through both heart and mind. Kind regards, Justine.
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